Yoga Trapeze

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Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze
Chic Zen - Yoga; Yoga Trapeze

Yoga Trapeze

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Save: $38.05 (38%)
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The Yoga Trapeze is the most powerful, at-home yoga inversion tool ever created. Hang from inside from a doorway; or outside from a beam, bar or swing set. Setup is fast and simple, results are immediate.

The Yoga Trapeze will change your backbends for forever… less pain and more flexibility with balance upper body and core strength.


Doctors report 2 out of every 3 people suffer from chronic back pain at some point in their life. Here’s why:


  • LACK OF FLEXIBILITY in the shoulders, back muscles, hips, and tops of the legs can lead to injury and chronic pain. How does this happen? Working at a computer all day, commuting to work, lifting weights, and carrying children around the house all contribute to what I call a “locked up” spine. And a locked up spine is at least 8x more injury prone than a loosy-goosy one. In this way, mobility and flexibility are essential for long-term spinal health.
  • LACK OF STRENGTH in your core leaves your spine unsupported and vulnerable. The abdominal muscles are actually spine support muscles, and a week gut means you’re at risk for injury. When you strengthen your core, your strengthening your spine—it’s that simple.
  • STRESS & TENSION in the muscles supporting the spine act like tight cables yanking at your vertebrae. Both physical and emotional stress go right into your upper back, neck, and shoulders as you clench those muscles in reaction to a high-pressure situation. Tense muscles crank and yank instead of stretching and yielding… all of which exacerbate the problem.
  • LACK of MOVEMENT in our day-to-day lives means that most of us simply do not twist, shake, rotate, bend backwards or forwards nearly enough (if at all); and as they say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” and so this is why people throw out their back doing the simplest of movements like lifting a box from the floor… ouch!



This Looks Like a Fun Toy… But Does it Really Work?

When I first saw the Yoga Trapeze, I thought it looked like a toy; and while I like to have fun as much as anyone, when I’m practicing yoga, I expect to get results…

… but honestly, all it took was 7 minutes on The Yoga Trapeze and I was a convert. It’s amazing!

Here’s the truth: dozens of things cause back pain, but the physical reality is almost always the same. There is some form of compression, a squishing of the vertebrae into one another or a pinching of nerve.

So you can massage, sauna, and medicate yourself to death—but nothing compares with the dead-simple treatment of traction!


What does “traction” mean, anyway?

Traction is a term used by orthopedic and chiropractic doctors to describe the any treatment that pulls or lengthens the spine apart (as opposed to squishing it together).


A healthy spine has full, firm, and resilient disk tissues that allow for complete range of motion. This is ideal. But after sitting all day in an office or car; after exercising and rotating the spine at only 20% of its full potential; and after years of poor posture caused by designer shoes; it’s very likely that some of your disks are not in great shape.


Which disks are affected?

Your lumbar spine (the bottom section) is most susceptible, with Lumbar Disks 4 and 5 (L4 & L5) being the common trouble areas—the dreaded source for most “lower back pain.”

But injury can happen anywhere along the spine, as low down as the sacroiliac joint with pain that radiates into the bum and legs; or as high up as the cervical spine with neck pain that can be debilitating.

Maybe your disks are just inflamed; but maybe they’re bulging, herniated, thinning, compressed—or worse! This is not meant to scare you, but it’s just so common that you ought to think about.


And better yet—you should do something about it!

This is funny: when my back was really bad a couple years ago, I was so desperate to get traction that I used to hang off the edge of a tall bed, drape my body over chairs, and hook my feet on the edge of the door in a handstand posture in a pathetic attempt to get some opposing force between my head and my toes.


And guess what? My home-spun solutions didn’t work very well… and then I tried The Yoga Trapeze.

When I first saw people using crude versions of the Yoga Trapeze years ago (older versions are not nearly as versatile and strong as the ones we manufacture), I didn’t really see the point. So I wasted a lot of time instead with massages and chiropractic adjustments to treat my pain when all I really needed was to hang.

Remember this: your spine is just a like an accordion of vertebrae and disks, and the pain you experience is almost always the result of compression.

The Magic solution? Release the compression, release the pain. Everyone’s body is different of course, but I’m amazed at how many people find inversion therapy to be so incredibly effective.

In 7 minutes you’ll get immediate relief—and believe me, you’ll feel it!


Now, Let’s Stabilize & Prevent Future Injuries

Any back specialist worth his credentials will prescribe a 3-pronged approach for long term back pain relief:

  • TRACTION – The Yoga Trapeze creates natural, bodyweight traction… the safest and most effective kind.
  • BACK & CORE STRENGTHENING – For dynamic, deep core strength, nothing compares to inverted, gravity resistance training.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Just hang back, grab your ankles and chill out… this is the safest, deepest backbend I’ve ever done unassisted (and pain free). You’ll make flexibility gains effortlessly.

You and I both know that you can pop two Advil and get rid of most pain—but that’s not natural, and that’s certainly not a long term, healthy solution (ulcers anyone?). So what do you do?

Hang for 7 minutes, do some flying press-up (awesome core and upper body workout), hang in an inverted full wheel, and then call it a day! 10 minutes tops and your spine will feel amazing.

But I’ll warn you now, this thing is addicting! Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and can’t help but take a quick hang in the Yoga Trapeze.

It really DOES feel THAT good.


Don’t I Need Some Special Training to Use This?

Getting started is so easy. I’ve put people of all ages, sizes and background into the Trapeze, and within 2 minutes, they’re totally hooked. Stiff people, old people, sore people—bring it on!

As soon as you order, I’ll send you link to access a bunch of simple videos to get your started. Most days, I just do 2-3 poses. That’s all I need. Of course you can do all kinds of funky, crazy moves, but if you’re like me, you’re not trying to be in the circus—you just want your back to be limber and pain-free.


Now, How the Heck Do I Install It?

I waited months before getting my first Yoga Trapeze custom made because I thought it’d be really hard to install. Then it arrived and the next day it was hanging solid as a tree from my studio door frame. No problem.

I’m NOT a handy guy (I always break stuff and have to hire someone to fix it), so if I can install this thing, believe me, you can too.

Here are your hanging options:

  • Hang in a doorframe (like mine)
  • Swing it over an exposed beam (in a lofted room, patio, or garage)
  • Hang from a swing set/playground (easiest of all)
  • Tie it to a tree branch
  • Hang from a piece of gym equipment (like a chin-up bar)

Believe me, the last thing I want is some DIY home improvement project; but honestly, this is a piece of cake. If you’re hooking into a doorframe or ceiling stud, you’ll need a drill and some heavyweight hooks (see pic above) but you can get those at any hardware store or home furnishing store like, IKEA.

Every house is a little different, so there are no one-size-fits-all hooks or I’d send them in the package, of course! And remember, if you’re hanging from a swing set or a tree, you don’t need anything. You’ll be ready to swing like a monkey 2 minutes after your Yoga Trapeze arrives.


What if it Breaks?

This Yoga Trapeze is made from the same material as a parachute—super strong stuff! The seams are quad-stitched and rock solid, the hooks are pure steel. So it’s NOT going to break.

The Yoga Trapeze is weight tested it to 450 lbs, but in reality, it can hold even more (up to 600 lbs).

With all that said, if by some fluke your Yoga Trapeze happens to break, it’s 100% guaranteed for 10 years. You just send it back and I replace it. Full stop, end of story. No hassle or questions asked.


Can Kids Use this?

Yes, my daughter goes nuts for it. She comes running home from school saying, “Daddy, swinging time!” And her friends were floored when they saw she had a giant swing inside the house.

For the kids… The Yoga Trapeze is a dream come true, and the 2 sets of handles means your child holds onto the shorter set while you pull them with the longer set… it’s a lot of fun.




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Item Specifications:

  • 100% Brand New

  • Materials: Polyester Taffeta

  • Size:2.5x1.5m (98.42x59.05") Approx

  • Extend the belt: 1.2m

  • Handle: 6  

  • Loading Capacity:300kgs

  • Conversion :1 inch = 25.4mm or 1mm = 0.0393 inch

  • Quantity:1pc / Package 



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