Freckle Dark Spot Removal Laser Pen

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Chic Zen - ; Freckle Dark Spot Removal Laser Pen
Chic Zen - ; Freckle Dark Spot Removal Laser Pen
Freckle Dark Spot Removal Laser Pen-Chic Zen
Freckle Dark Spot Removal Laser Pen-Chic Zen
Freckle Dark Spot Removal Laser Pen-Chic Zen
Freckle Dark Spot Removal Laser Pen-Chic Zen

Freckle Dark Spot Removal Laser Pen

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Save: $135.04 (50%)
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Finally, something you can use in the comfort of your own home!

There's always on our skin no matter how big or small. Do you have moles, tattoos, or skin blemishes that you hate? Do you ever wish there was an easy, way to get rid of them without having to pay doctors hundreds if not thousands?


Introducing the Freckle Dark Spot Removal Laser Pen. Using FDA Approved Picosecond Technology it fires rapid and powerful laser emissions to break up dark pigments without damaging any skin tissue.

Unlike traditional laser removal technology - the Pico Laser won't burn you, allowing you to slowly fade your blemishes as part of your normal home routines. 


With multiple routine sessions Pico-Laser technology allows you to easily remove:

  • Tattoos
  • Freckles
  • Melasma (sunspots)
  • Light Scarring/Stretch Marks



Pico-second technology uses powerful impulses of light at a wavelength designed to ONLY attack specific pigments - leaving your skin pain free during treatment.

This means skin won't be burned or damaged, only a gentle tingling sensation will be felt during operation.




  • The power and effect of blue light are stronger. It needs a professional operation. Please start from the lowest frequency, then slowly adjust to the suitable level. 
  • The blue light has 9 levels Frequency modes, different output frequency, and 450nm wavelength. The flash area is bigger.
  • Use the blue pen to remove spot, mole and freckle and etc.


  • It has 3 Frequency modes, its flash area is smaller. It suitable for more subtle operation.
  • The red light's wavelength is 850nm.   
  • Use the red pen continuous output mode to remove the tattoo.


Red light is for personal home use, you can operate it by yourself.  Its power and effectiveness are smaller than Blue light Laser pen.

Blue light is for beauty salon use or if someone can help you operate it. You can not operate it yourself because you need to wear the protective eyeglasses.  It is powerful and effective is bigger than Red light Laser pen.


EASY TO USE - Avoid long visits to the doctor and painful procedures with a long healing time. This device is safe enough and effective in the privacy of your own home. 

SAFE ON SKIN - The laser does not interact with human tissue. Have peace of mind that FDA Approved Picosecond Technology will keep your skin safe and your body blemish-free. 

PORTABLE - Sleek, Compact durable design meaning you can take it anywhere and pass it on to friends for years to come! 

EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE- Specially designed wavelength of the laser means this pen is very effective in dealing with any dark spots on the skin (tattoos, moles, acne scars) with no experience from pain.


To begin to see results NEATCELL recommends; 1-2 exposures per week, repeated for 12 weeks. This gives all pigments adequate time to begin denaturing and cause visible fading. This process is known as Photo-ablation.

Continuous and repeated exposure to these wavelengths causes pigments to weaken and break apart, painlessly and gradually fading your tattoo or blemish.

Continue application until the tattoo has faded completely, increasing intensity only when necessary. The image below demonstrates the fading you can expect with each month of treatment.



  •  Before using the pen, the skin should be coated with Anesthetic.
  • After usage, it should be coated with repair Plaster to prevent bacterial infection.
  • Please start from the lowest level, then slowly adjust to the suitable level.
  • The goggles we send is not for the operator, but for the people being treated. The operate should wear UV protection goggles when operating.



  • 1x Laser picosecond pen
  • 1x Charging cable
  • 1x Safety goggles 
  • 1x Repair sticker
  • 1x Manual 



Important Note:

  • Please send us an email at after your purchase if you have specific Color/s you want us to send you.
  • Any special request sent after the day of purchase will be forfeited since we process orders at the end of the day to make sure we can deliver orders promptly. 
  • Also, note that the item on the picture is what you will be getting. Thank you! 


Delivery and Tracking information

Please allow 5-7 days for delivery in the US, and 1-2 weeks for delivery internationally.

This product is shipped from New York, USA.  You will be provided with a tracking number via e-mail after your purchase.

You will be able to track your order 24/7 with our online order tracking system.


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    Joanna - San Jose, Costa Rica

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    Hello thank you for the great deal on my last order. I have now ordered twice and both times the items arrived fast and everything went smooth. I appreciate you sending me the email confirmations to keep me posted on my order.

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    Melinda - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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    I am so happy I got my dress so quickly. I was just online and I saw an ad for this product and I couldn't believe it was such a good deal. So happy I found this site.

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    I got my scarf very fast and I am just happy that it was a such a good deal. I got three of them. The directions make it very easy to use and it's so convenient. Thanks guys I will be back.

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